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Innovative Lawyering Profile

Innovative Lawyering is a legal practice and research concern that conducts research, practice, training, publishing, consulting and mentoring in Intellectual Property (including Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property) & Innovation, Education, Training, Research and Mentoring (ETRM) Law, Constitutionalism and Governance, Communications Law as well as Trade and Corporate Governance Law in Kenya specifically and Africa generally. It takes the perspective that appropriate competencies (skill, knowledge, attitudes and values (SKAV)), innovation, creativity, and constitutional governance are critical parameters and ingredients for socio-economic and political development.

Our strength is in our innovative approach to the law and other inter-disciplinary areas of our practice. Innovative Lawyering and its associates have consulted for the Kenyan and other Governments e.g. Seychelles, the UNDP, the World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), Consumers International, Corporates and NGOs on law generally, law reform, policy reform and litigation strategies in areas of its mandate.

Innovative Lawyering and its associates have consulted for the following agencies of the Government of Kenya among others: Directorate of e-Government, Ministry of Planning and National Development (MPND), Committee of Eminent Persons (COEP) on Constitutional Review, Kenya Law Reform Commission (KLRC), Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Technology, Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT), State Law Office, the Kenya Copyright Board, Kenya ICT Board, and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights.

The inter-disciplinary researchers and legal practitioners at Innovative Lawyering have extensive experience in legal practice and also with qualitative and quantitative research methodologies; strong expertise in the design and implementation of large-scale studies; and excellent analytical skills. It has had institutional and professional collaborations with many organizations such as the World Trade Organization, and the Kenya Information Communication Technologies Action Network (KICTANET), among others.

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